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Hello and welcome to my Salesforce and Web Technology site.

This website is a place for me to share my experiences of working with Salesforce and other web technologies. You will find detailed descriptions of problems I have faced and how I found solutions for them as well as some tutorials.

Hopefully people who stumble across this website will learn from my insights and be able to find a way of applying what they learn to their own work and projects.

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Featured Blog Entries

Website Admin Framework

I have been working on a new website administration framework which should mean making custom website content editable by users much simpler.

Integers and Commas

I recently discovered a bug in my Salesforce "On Click" Javascript where Integer values were coming back with commas to seperate the thousands.

Efficient APEX Triggers when using SOQL

In this entry I discuss the problems when working with Salesforce APEX triggers with complex SOQL. I then present a possible solution to this by building efficient SOQL queries which work on batch triggers.